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Patriot Party Platform

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The American Patriot Party, is the political party of the it's people.  We oppose political agendas which attempt the dismantling and destruction of the United States Constitutional Law, particularly freedom of speech, freedom to worship, and representation to self government.
We oppose one world government, respecting soverign right of other countries.  We oppose outsourcing American jobs and insourcing alien workers. 
We demand our borders be closed to illegal and criminal entrance into our country, for the safety of our citizens is paramount.
We demand  all appropriations and dispursements of American tax dollars be open and accountable to the citizens, including misappropriations of the Social Security funds by public, private accounting certification, with civil overseers.
The American Patriot Party knows that the government operates outside of its authority, particularly in representation in international policies, while using illegal and immoral means.

The American Patriot Part knows, the safety of the American people does not depend on military force and illegal economic sanctions, but in fair and moral dealings with our neighbors. 
The American Patriot Party is not liberal or conservative, we are not left or right.... we are about what is right and wrong!  We are about morals and God.
Now is the time for all good men and women come to the aid of America, for she is being destroyed by greedy and immoral leaders that do not care about the American people. 
The American Patriot Party is the spirit and heart of 1775.  We are mad as hell and we will not take it anymore.

The American Patriot Party Mandate

We, the members of the American Patriot Party, being citizens of the United States of America, "a country of the people and for the people", determined their government has broken laws of the U.S. and international law. 
It is the reaponsibility of the American Patriot Party and every citizen of the United States to govern and regulate our leaders of our government to act legally, morally and respectfully to our citizens and citizens of the world.

The American Patriot Party Events

American Patriot Party National Convention September 19-25, 2006.  Those attending general meetings and workshops must be members of the American Patriot Party and present their credentials for admission.
Speakers will include educators, religious leaders, entertainers, scientists, environmentalists, and leaders of the American Patriot Party.