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Becoming a Member
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Tire of seeing politicians act like they are opposing parties, while working together to fund bad policy for the average citizen.  An example of that is the  $400,000,000,000 drug bill for seniors without any public discussion.... or what about the fact that Halliburton Inc. was given the largest government contract in the history of the world, and without any other bids.... by a company formerly headed by CEO tricky Dick Chaney.  Americans have been ripped off by their representatives.  The two major parties are sleeping in the same bed, while the American people are paying the bills.
Save America, Join  
 American Patriot! Party

Who Can Join?

Remember the American Revolution?  What about the War of 1812?  Remember The Alamo?  Remember the Attack at Pearl Harbor? 
The American Patriot Party wants members who have a kindred spirit with the American Patriots that fought and died for America and the formation of the United States.  For the battle for the Constitution of the United States is under seige.  Our country is being dismantled and destroyed by those wanting One World Government.
If you believe that American jobs should not be given to foreign countries, at the expense of American workers and their families, you should join us. 
If you believe our borders should be protected and illelgal and criminal aliens should not be allowed to come into our country and work, then join the American Patriot Party.   
If you believe that an accounting of the money stolen from the Social Security Fund for our retirees, should be accounted for, then join the American Patriot Party.
If you believe that Americans ought to have representation in their government, then you should join the American Patriot Party.
If you feel that you want to hold government office and serve our communities and nation honestly, the you should join the American Patriot Party.
If you believe that American Veterans should have te benefits that they are gauranteed by law, then you should join the American Patriot Party.

Benefits of Joining

Those that are members of The American Patriot Party, will be called upon to represent the people of the United States, either by taking part in the course of the party, or by being elected to office and representing other Americans.  Members are proud to be members of an honest, ethical and moral organization.  The American Patriot Party operates openly and transparently, for we are honest.
As a member of the American Patriot Party, that citizen has the privelege and knowledge that they are part of an honorable, ethical and honest organization, protecting life and country for others.
A member of the American Patriot Party will have voice locally and nationally in the government responsible for management of our town,cities, states, beloved country, including maintenance of our infrastructure, education of our children, and management of our resources and environment.
We know infinite alternative fuels for transportation and home power eliminating gasoline and electricity bills, including heating oils.  Thousands and thousands of American Patriot members quietly drive electric cars needing no recharging and have stand alone system for home power.    
Those members who think it is good to drive an electric car that does not need recharging or have radiators or oil changes or spark plugs or two hundred other parts that come with an enefficient, polluting internal gasoline engine, will have their own.  Those that want to stop paying electricity bills and heating bills... will have all the energy for their homes, without monthly bills they cannot afford.
It is a good thing that everyone has fuels that are abundant and they can have by merely flipping a switch.  These systems already exist, and the American Patriot Party members will be the first to have them, and hey in turn will help bring these wonders to the rest of the US and the world. 
Additioally, members of the American Patriot Party can receive healthcare benefits for member and family at approximatelky 30% of national average policy cost.  Life insurance is also offered.  Also APP members can join and receive benefits from our credit union. 
The American Patriot Party Buyers Club is a discount club for members, which specializes in home power systems eliminating electricity bills, electric vehicles which do not need recharging and eliminates 348 parts of the gasoline engine and holistic healthcare systems for treating HIV, cancer, and immune deficiency.

How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Please contact us for more information and a copy of the application.  Membership is $100 annually, allowing members attendance at all local and national meetings, electing officers local chapters and national representation.
Further, the party offers its members employment networks already in place, including those that want training for positions in new age energy systems, internet sales, ebay sales, and many distribution positions available to those needing a "universal wage".
"Universal Wage" is that hourly amount which when a worker is paid for forty hours, will take no more than 30% of the gross wage to pay for housing.  For those that will finish training and show good work ethics will be able to support their families on one paycheck. 
The American Patriot Party Industries, or APP Industries presently supplies jobs at Universal Living Wage, usually starting at $15.00 an hour for members of the party.  We discovered that with our system of generatng jobs, the markets are unsaturated and our jobs are not outsourced to other countries or given to illegal aliens.  "Americans Patriots first", is our mandate! 
The American Patriot Party knows that we can just hold meetings and encourage members to run for office, but that oes not solve the problems of America.  We know good playing jobs, affordable housing, and inexpensive energy will raise the standard of living of Americans and peoples around the world.  It is the compassion and goodness of our members which will fuel peace throughout the world. 
We have members which already have seen the changes we have made in local communities by providing jobs and solutions not offered to the poeple at any price.  God is good, for those that do the right thing.  It is good to have a party of the people.  It is what the founding fathers planned.... it is what the American Patriot Party is doing everyday, even without the vast monies wasted by the rich running the programs for the people. Very little money is spent on the people, and in that lies the problems.
The American Patriot Party cordially invites those people needing a better job, to let us know.  For those that need to be trained, we will give them training, regardless their age, gender, race or anything else. All they have to do is fill out an application. We can change your life, because we do not worship money.  We like to see people succeed.  We help ourselves, by helping others.  That is the way things really work in God's world.  It is too bad others do not trust in giving it a try.  The rich cannot take their money with them and they cannot get joy from their money that gives them peace.  Members of the American Patriot Party are not rich, but they are very abundant and have nice homes and good cars and health insurance and do not worry about gasoline (most of them do not use the stuff).  They have what they need for themselves and their families and make sure others are able to have their part of the American dream.  It is really ot our plan, but merely what God intended us to do and has shown us how, and we are making it happen. Join us!  Our email claworg@dcemail or  If you know God, that is good, if you do not, we do not require it of you, but you will see the power of doing the right thing and know there is a higher power than any one of us. 
When using email, please let us know you email and a daytime number so we have get to know you.  Whether you are seniors with disabilities, a disabled person, a single mother with little ones at home, or a man laid off from General Motors last week that does not know anything else, if you have the will to work, don't worry we can help. We already have helped thousands and they have helped others too!
As you may have guessed, we are more than a political party, we are an organization of people helping people.  Many of the members of the American Patriot Party have been with us for more than 20 years, and one day we decided that the world would be a better place if people that do God's work and know how abundant we have been doing His Word, did government work.  We did not have to be a government employee, we merely had to do the work that the government was paid to do, and God has supplied the money for doing just that.
There are many rich people and rich churches, but they do not believe.  For those that do beleive and help, their money grows and their life is happy for it.  Makes happy, we can you!